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Horoscope of : Sample

Date of Birth : Jan 01 , 1980 05:30:00 hrs.
Place of Birth : Delhi , India    Latitude/Longitude : 028.40.N / 077.13.E
Lal Kitab Remedies

Lal Kitab Remedies for year : 2020 Select Year :
SunTo attract good luck ,leave your house after putting some sweets/sugar in your mouth.
MoonDonate milk in the name of the elders.
MarsTake a little honey ,the first thing in the morning,without brushing your teeth.
MercuryWear a diamond for worldly success.
JupiterGive water to Peepal tree regularly.
VenusBurry nine square pieces of silver in a Neem ( Margosa ) tree.
SaturnFor prosperity give food to three street dogs daily.
RahuKeeping two solid silver elephants in the house will repel bad luck.
KetuDonate a little saffron in a temple.

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