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Horoscope of : Sample

Date of Birth : Jan 01 , 1980 05:30:00 hrs.
Place of Birth : Delhi , India    Latitude/Longitude : 028.40.N / 077.13.E
Ketu Prediction
Ketu in 4th house indicates your mother will suffer from ill health. You may not be happy with the land you possess. You criticise others much. You get ill health and feel guilty about the inconvenience caused to parents. You are always worried. You may wander. Your mind is wavering. You are inactive. You are unhappy due to worries and anxieties. You will get many hindrances and obstacles in acquiring education. There will be long journeys. You may have disputes over your paternal property. You may be deceived by friends and relatives. You will travel to many distant places. You are worried due to failure in your educational pursuits. You will get opposition from relatives and there will be physical troubles. You do not have stability in your thoughts. You should be careful of food poisoning.

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About Ketu

GENERALRenunciation, Gyan Karak, Suspicious Nature, Dual Marriage, Detachment, Change of Residence & Pilgrimage
DISEASESTuberculosis, Viral Disease, Intestinal Worms, Low B.P, Eruptive Fevers & Non-healing Wounds
RELATIONSPaternal Grandfather
MOTION1 Sign i.e. 30º in 1½ Years
ASPECTSeventh. (Fifth & Ninth also considered by some)
GEMSCat’s Eye
FRIENDSMars & Venus
ENEMIESSun, Moon, Saturn & Rahu
NEUTRALSMercury & Jupiter

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