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Horoscope In Indian Astrology a horoscope literally means 'hour scope'. A horoscope is a description of the personality and future of a person based on the various planetary positions. Indian Astrologists believed that the position of astronomical bodies such as stars, planets, etc., at the moment of a person’s birth and the position of the bodies throughout that person’s life reflect that person’s character and destiny. Many people look to astrology as a means of predicting what will happen in their future. Such prediction is made through a person's horoscope . Astrological analysis of a person begins with the preparation of a horoscope which requires exact date, time and place of birth of that person concerned.

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Compatibility Analysis “Marriages are made in heavens” truly said by someone. According to Indian Astrology marriage compatibility is a measure of the likelihood of finding success in your marriage. It tells how you and your spouse relate to each other, what areas you have in common, the views you both share that are alike, etc. It also shows how your opposing views and characteristics can potentially cause problems for your marriage. Compatible simply means, "capable of existing or living together of two different individual together in harmony. When two people are in a relationship together, having compatibility can make the difference in how the two of you communicate, the activities you enjoy with one another, and even how you can compliment one another from day to day. When you exist together harmoniously in a relationship, it means that you and your partner can fulfill all aspects of your relationship without it causing concern for arguments or stress.

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